Intangible Currencies as Tools for Fighting Back Wrongful Restraining Orders

Below was a response I made a few months ago about regarding intangible social currencies and the trope that if people had money for a lawyer, it would cure all their ills from a wrongful restraining order. My position is that money certainly helps and give you more options such as hiring a lawyer but it is by no means a guarantee you will get the results you want. I espouse the power and effectiveness of intangible currencies that go beyond financial ones and cannot be easily bought.


The flaw with your arguments is that some of those "scribbles" as you call them have greatly affected you in a very unhealthy way. Truth and ideal is sometimes in the eye of the beholder and not an absolute. And if laws and courts are so unimportant or "blah-blah-blah" then why bother with the appeal at all?

Let us not forget the First Amendment, Section 230 CDA, and everything else that you and I have quoted in YOUR favor are those same "scribbles". Free speech is an ideal that many of us fight for and supported by the EFF. Free speech is a byproduct of those "scribbles".

Also, we can look at the same thing and have two different "truths". To a person who is color-blind, everything is black, white, or shades of gray. That is their truth. They make no distinction of "color". Humans are unable to see into the infrared or ultraviolet. But to animals or insects that can detect it, they "see" it. We consider it "invisible."

And you have it backwards. Reread what I wrote. Money CANNOT easily buy these attributes. You generally have to earn certain attributes. “Loyalty, credibility, reputation, image, passion, resourcefulness, creativity, initiative, goodwill, positive testimony, publicity, risk-taking, etc. are all examples of intangible currency that money cannot easily buy.” I am not sure why you would be offended by that.

Regarding my "sensitivities", different strokes for different folks. I am not anyone's counselor, I am a problem solver. I can't help everyone's feelings and if some people are hurt because I am making pointed statements of how to win, then I am absolutely in the wrong place.

If I had lost my appeal with the GA Supreme Court, I would have a similar attitude about things. But then some people would say, "What do you know? You lost your appeal." But I did win and I had a big part in how it all came together. So yes, I do think I have some authority to speak on winning "prior restraint" cases. And if you think raising enough money to ONLY hire a lawyer will guarantee you a win, you are sadly mistaken. That notion is for the legally-ignorant and so many people have fallen prey to that, had their money taken, and shitty results to show for it.

But because I am not saying it "nicely" and calling out what I see, you want to take a swipe at me by making a crack about my "sensitivities" and insinuate that I am incapable of truth and ideals? Give me a fucking break. Good luck to you. You are going to need it.
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