If You Want Informed Comments & Feedback of a Wrongful Restraining Order, Post Here!

edited June 2017
Todd from RestrainingOrderAbuse.com has generously allowed me to post this announcement on his website:


I am using the Defiantly Forum as a platform to publicly discuss and answer questions of how to deal with wrongful restraining orders especially ones that restrict speech. I know something about how to handle and fight back against wrongful restraining orders. There are no public discussion forums I can find that will take on the subject with the expertise and resources I have access to.

I am not a lawyer but I have access to information and informed lawyers to answer questions I cannot when I need them. It is my intention to have helpful information and resources to fight wrongful restraining orders in all 50 states.

Remember, you can be quietly suffer from your restraining order or you can become empowered and take back control by doing something about it. Doing something about it means actually being able to intelligently discuss it.

Set up a free user account, use an alias, and post anonymously so you can speak freely. No real names will be used unless you want it to be used.
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