Work-related Restraining Order story submitted by a Defiantly forum member

The story below was sent by a forum member (I lost the name) regarding what appears to be a work-related restraining order. Hopefully, the user who sent it will identify himself to me.


If I wasn't pinching myself every 30 minutes making sure this wasn't a dream, being falsely accused and at court representing myself because I thought it was a joke, reading numerous articles from Todd and now you, I would love to just leave this be and learn from it. However, my Petitioner has known information from my Employer, How Badly They ( Manager and Regional Manager) We're Harassing Myself, making False Accusations of Seagal Conduct ALWAYS when I Tried Numerous Times To Talk to My RSD for Promotion, just to be ignored or Threatened to scare me so I wouldn't pursue my Promotion, Due to my Overwhelmingly Success My Manager Has been trying to Defamation my Character since June 2015, then using and giving my Petitioner, Confidential Falsified Information that is basically the HIPPA LAW to use against me in COURT on 10/30/2015. She had Legal Counsel and I sat there lost and confused, because My Dr. Removed me from my Hostile Work Environment 3 days prior because my manager didn't realize, IN Pa, where I Live and she lives in MD, they serve you papers before court. So on 10/24/2015 10 pm at night, 3 Sheriff's issued me this PGA from my Girlfriend. After reading it and seeing that My Employer Spoke to her and it's written on Legal Documents I was pissed. When I went to Court in MD for texting, calling and supposedly saying "If you don't call I am driving 1 1/2 hours to tell you off." Not knowing better, her Lawyer pulled me outside and said if I agree to stay away this will be over. I asked for her to be brought out for the soul purpose of why did she speak to my employer, after knowing all the abuse I am going through? Her answer, Because your Manager "Laughed at Me." Once again, not knowing what to do, I said I would agree if you Today Write on a Letterhead and Notarized then email me a copy before Monday 11/3/2015 what my Manager said on the Issuing Paper's. She agreed, we went into Court a ND had to approach the bench to tell the Judge our Agreement. The Judge recorded it and finished. Well, because I was a complete wreck, out of work still out of work and had to seek treatment when I actually am waiting for a Job where I help people with Mental Issues. I never received the letter. I emailed and called her Lawyer to be told, "I am not a Priority." Finally 2 weeks later I receive a revised copy of the letter. It's so obvious that since all 3 are Higher Up's In Their Field, especially my ex, that they are working together to save their careers. I know it sounds so f-ed up. They won't fire me, or respond to me. Thank God I documented everything and saved every tiny write up. I filed to rescind the order and no lawyer will talk to me because technically, I am on a leave. What Bullshit. I know just cutting the bait and moving on is the thing to do, however I have been out of work 3 months, seeing psychiatrist and psychologist weekly paying out of pocket because she talked to my employer who gave her Bullshit info and they verbally attacked the he'll out of me until I had a severe breakdown. They have ruined my life. I am so poor, I can't even pay attention. I am dealing with the E.E.O.C. but who knows. I feel like this is one f-ed up movie. This is the truth. Not bullshitting. I need some guidance. Thanks guys.
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