Hey Matt, Congrats. I have been bouncing off my nightmare with Todd, however since he is back at it, he told e to run it by you. I have been doing nothing since 10/28/2015 when my Employer, after 6 months of Harassment, Lies, Falsely accused of Sexual Harassment, and the biggest JEALOUSY-GREED. That's one half. The other half, my I guess EX, lives in Md and I in Phila. When we met in Aug. it seemed to good to be true. She is a very SUCCESSFUL WOMAN. Things were great, talking about kids the whole 9 yards. Well on my B-day 9/11 she showed another side. I was suppose to work that weekend, But when I told her, Holy Cow. I said I was coming down, thinking she be happy, well she said she had to get off the phone Fri. night. Sat. morn. she called flipping out, saying al of the sudden her Father was rushed to the Hospt. I told her I would still come to support her. Well the excuse's, " NO Y FATHER DOESN"T KNOW YOU!" I said ok I will wait at your house, " NO I AM SLEEPING HERE." That made me skeptical so I asked her what Hospt. is he in just in case? She went nuts, " WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW I A NOT TELLING YOU CLICK!" So I knew something was up and wasn't going. I called my Employer to let him know I could work now. He asked me, How come you didn't go? I said, " Who Know's?" Then he just laughed. Couple days later she called and trying to convince me to come down, but she also asked if I worked on that Sunday and what did your Manager say? I said, yes I worked and he said nothing he just laughed. Well, since she had my B-day present plus gave me $120 for gas being a guy and she a 38 yr old attractive woman, wasn't hard to say OK. Went down and I had work Sunday so I brought my work clothes. She put them away and she also had to work Sat. Well as she left for work, I asked if I could use her computer. She said sure. As I was on I learned that she wasn't 38 she was 44 about to be 45. Plus when she got an email it just opened up to show you the email. Well I noticed that she has been talking to some guy for awhile, ten an email were she asked her girlfriend if she thinks that this guy saw the pictures I posted to her account. When she came home, I confronted her about her age and why lie as well as who is this guy? Excuse's Excuse's. I went upstairs to go to bed. I put my work clothes out and when I went to get my socks, I saw a prescription bottle for STD medicine. I asked her if she had protection and she so know but I AM CLEAN!!!!!!!! I left knowing that was the last tie I would see her. I called just to see what she would say a couple days later, saying that I am on my way to surprise you. WHOA!!!!!! Another Father Story...LOL OMG. Well I tried txtn and calling her because it was 3-4 weeks since we talked and I wanted to know if she was pregnant plus get Blood work cause she gave me a great B-day present. I went to some free generic clinic and they did a swab test. Well 10/24/2015 10 pm Sheriffs issued me a PFA FOR TXTN, CALLING, and SAYING IF SHE DOESN"T CALL E I AM GOING TO DRIVE 1 1/2 hours to Harass her. What BullST. Court was on 10/30/2015. When I red the PFA, it Stated that she called my Employer and my Employer gave her Confidential Info about me over the phone, hoping that this would resolve his issues with being Jealous. That's a HUGE MISTAKE.......When I went to work on the 28th, my manager verbally attacked e trying to get e to confess to showing a customer a txt message about when he wrote e up. I only showed 1 person in Md. I had a severe Mental Breakdown, somehow finished my shift and went to my Psych. IMMEDIATELY!!!!! He saw my condition and removed me fro that hostile work environment. My RSD called and threatened me if I didn't show up for work I would be in doo doo. Luckily I documented everything cause because of her phone call, which at court she said she called because my manager laughed at her, I have been out of work 3 months almost, I am seeing a Psychiatrist plus a Psychologist because I was so F-ed up I had suicidal tendencies and couldn't even talk, eat, sleep, or leave my house. I had to leave for Court on 10/30/2015. In court she of course had a Lawyer and he pulled me outside and said this is what you are being charged with. He said you both can agree to just stay away and its over. Well since I was a Mental Cracker Jack, I told him to go get her. A deputy brought her out and I said I would agree, however because you called my work you have caused me to be out of work, seeking help and a complete mess. If you put on a letterhead from your Lawyer and he Notarizes it only the 3 maybe 4 sentences that my Manager told you, and have a copy emailed to me by 11/3/2015 Court was Friday I needed that letter by Monday morning so I can protect myself plus I have to Deal with the EEOC because my employer won't fire me, it says I am on leave. Supposedly you can't sue if still employed. So she agreed, we had to approach the bench to tell the judge our agreement and I made sure the Judge knew how imperative of having it by Monday it was. She said ok and court was done. Well Monday came and they wanted me to write a letter stating I wouldn't go after her for giving e any diseases once she has that she will send my letter. I emailed a copy saying I wouldn't and who knows what else but never was it notarized. It was an example. I called her Lawyer everyday to be told I am not a PRIORITY. 2 weeks later I receive a revised copy of the letter and it is so obvious that she has been in contact with my Employer because it now had that my Manager would Testify in Court, I was Harassing numerous FEMALE CUSTOMERS and it took 2 weeks in which I declined it. I filed for a motion to Rescind, but being so F-ed up, I forgot to check the box. So I just filed another one. I am trying to get free legal advice because its 2 different states and I want a PFA so she can not contact my Employer. ITS so obvious since they all are Highly successful people that they are working together. My Facebook Account was Hacked into, but I got the new fake email they used and I am now receiving all this adult email stuff and I have woman on my email contacts that I don't even know. She violated her order. Why isn't she locked up. Plus a friend of our family is a Judge in FL. He told e a should file a Civil Suit against her for calling your job. She is allowed to call, but if it enables you from doing your daily routine that she caused, then you can. I am not trying to get revenge or doing this just for a law suit. They have literally taken y soul from me. Sorry for the novel. Thanks


  • Kevin,

    I appreciate your contribution but allow me to give you some constructive feedback.

    1. Write shorter and summarize more. There is too much story and very hard to read and decipher the issues. If you can't better articulate your issues here, no one will understand you. Neither will the courts. It makes you look bad.

    2. Proofread your work. Type it in Microsoft Word or some other word processor and do a spell and grammar check. Add some paragraphs. This isn't about me being a grammar nazi. This is about presentation and credibility. If you are sloppy here when we are trying to discuss some serious issues, you will be sloppy with your paperwork, filings, and dealings with the court and anyone else.

    3. What is it that you are seeking here? What questions do you want to ask? What you trying to work towards?

    My first general advice is you that you seriously need to step back and try to disentangle with the other person as much as you can. Being in an eternal state of conflict will never allow you to be able to calm down and assess your situation to make a plan of action.

    There is a lot of drama. Nothing you can do to change the past but you can start trying to take some control and work the problems.
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