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    Hello, I am new to this site so please do be critical of me. They told me that I am not to even post about this but I am now outraged over this while situation and have no fear of jailed over the matter. You know they say that to change laws that some may have to endure the wrath of the system before attention can come to o the forefront . Well, so be it, as I will have my say, if not in the court system, then here,and anywhere the opportunity presents itself.

    This issue is about an unjust,power, Its about how one human is endorsed by the system with the power to infringe anothers rights,granted, not only by the US Constitution, but buy God himself.We are keepers of the founding principles of our Republic, who's principles of just government and self rule, that is loved by the people our constitutional republic represents.
    We are to adhere to the spirit and traditional principles of Representative Republic, a system of government that polices itself by the mechanisms of law and the checks and balances that prevent one section of government from overstepping its bounds and preventing the system from the failure of it goal, that of equal protection under the law.
    My issue is with legislation that is void of such safegardes, and offers no effective redress or remedy for the defense of the innocent.
    I am speaking of the federally mandated Orders of Protection for the prevention of domestic violence.
    Whereas, such legislation my have its place in our constitutional system, it does not belong until its flaws have been eliminated, and its performance is wholly harmless to the falsely, accused. Allowing the guilty their proper sanctions and the victim adiquit remedy.
    In America a principle long forgotten and not practised is that " the ends do not justify the means".

    With all the above stated, the reality of the issue, and question we must ask,is how can a system work if the reference and mode are not based in fact, provided through clear evidence. Where about the accused is enabled to face his accuser,and he is able to present his counter to the accusation aimed at him, in an effort to secure his continued right to own and hold his legally acquired property along with his constitutional affirmation to the afore mentioned protection of right.

    I have an order of protection placed against me on Nov 3 2015, am not to have contact, nor return to property that was once my owned and paying for land and personal pocessions. Now forever gone through one persons ability enforced by the system of government that does not have the just remedy of its citizens at its mission. But its own secured position and self interest to err on the side of a perceived safety. Not the safety of a victim in its mindset, but its own safety of position. This is why the ends are not to justify the means. To leave an order in place knowing that there are unjust actions and constitutional infringments that prevent a person from being whole and the other the holder of all pocession once held by the community of two.
  • Just a suggestion, you may want to cut and paste your text into a word processor and run a spell-check. You have MANY spelling errors that detract from your message.
  • How ironic, I that I was born in Camden NJ , I now live in Tucson Arizona, and have been on a TRO since Nov,3 2015 obtained through an ex-parte meeting with a Superior Court judge that believed an event that was staged,embellished,and for greater effect outright lies were thrown in. This, after 5years of living together,and 16 years of marriage. During the 16 years of marriage,not one DV,or police involvement. The specifics,of the embellished story, included stalking,fire arms, assult , and implyed animal abuse. I have been left bewildered,embarrassed,ashamed,and my phycological balance rattled to the point that I am unsure and debilitated in my decision making abilities. This continued abuse leaves me apprehensive,and disillusioned in regards to the honisty and intent of anyone that interacts with me for whatever reason contact is required.
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