Future Blog Comments & Discussions to Move Here into the Defiantly Forum!

edited November 2015
Defiantly started as a blog and will continue to be a blog. However, as readership of Defiantly grows and people want to make public comments, ask questions, or offer feedback, I find the blog commenting system to be awful, unfriendly, unforgiving, and too restrictive.

I don't like it because what YOU write gets lost, orphaned, and buried forever as new blog posts are written and posted. Those discussions from prior blog posts might still plenty of relevance but because I made new blog posts, suddenly, those discussions are not seen anymore. It is very unfair to YOU who take the time to offer comments and ask questions.

I have long been a "community" guy. I have run two successful online communities with worldwide readership and participation since 1999. One of those forums was retired in 2007 after a nice 8 year-run. The ELI Forums was launched in 2008 and going strong as ever. I have long known that the "cool" factor is when YOU are involved and I help give YOU the power, influence, and a communication platform. WE become more powerful and influential TOGETHER UNITED.

The vast majority of people are website visitors are readers. I have no problems with that. But there are "special" readers who take the time to PARTICIPATE and post comments, ask questions, and provide feedback. I absolutely want to make sure those people get the attention they deserve and that whatever they contribute and write will continue to have weight and influence.

That cannot happen if I continue to allow comments on my blog posts and then they become orphaned. I don't want YOUR comments to be orphaned. I want them to live on for many years. I will probably deactivate comments from future blog posts. Anyone who wants to write or say something will have to do it in here on the Defiantly Forum. It is better for everybody. Also, it is better for me because I can give you short/quick answers and feedback quickly.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about empowering members of the community. My communication platform becomes YOUR communication platform. I don't delegate answers and responses. I respond to people myself publicly using my name so that EVERYONE benefits.

With the exception of truly personal and private matters, I won't give individual answers via email. It is a habit I don't want to encourage. I am willing to respond to many of you but my time is valuable and I want people to be respectful and allow me to respond in a manner that allows MANY people to benefit.

As I said, there may be private and personal matters in which emails is, of course, necessary. But general questions, feedback, and "what if" scenarios should be posted here.

I consider myself an eclectic writer in that I write "all over the place" in many subject areas. Hence, people contact and email me for all sorts of reasons. I need a "single" place to respond and I believe the Defiantly Forum is the best place for it.

Because there are very few discussion threads right now, I am not going to create any Forum Categories. It is currently a free-for-all. If and when there are a large number of discussion threads, I can deal with it at that time. However, given the current infancy of the Defiantly Forum, I am all about making it simple.

So, help me out. Don't be shy. PARTICIPATE. Post comments, ask questions, give feedback. I am accessible here in a way I would not be through email or phone. I will do my best to help you and everyone else.
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