Roberts & Abrams vs. Mintz: New Jersey Appellate Court Ruling on Online Defamation/Libel Case

Eugene Volokh of Volokh Conspiracy brings attention to a New Jersey case (Donna Roberts & Dawn Abrams vs. Clifford Mintz) regarding online defamation and libel case. It concerns a blogger who openly complained (using profanity and emotionally-charged language) about the business practices of dog breeders after the blogger discovered that the dog he bought and received was not how it was represented.

The New Jersey Appellate Court decision can be found here:

Eugene Volokh of the 1st Amendment Clinic at UCLA (working with Public Citizen) filed an amicus brief on the case in support of Clifford Mintz's position:

The Humane Society of the U.S. had interest in this case as noted by their page on the case:

The appellate court came to the conclusion that context had to be a consideration, not simple the words and phrases being used. The court states that opinions, name-calling, and hyperbole are not legally defamatory and not actionable.

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