Mitul R. Patel v. Chan: Bogus Baltimore defamation case using forged signatures & fake info.

edited August 2016
I have not had time to formally write about this case that I am involved in. Essentially, it is between Suwanee, GA dentist and me in Columbus, GA. Except that the dentist is claiming he didn't file this Baltimore case, nor did he forge my signature.

It is a crazy case that was designed to be hidden and run under the radar. I only found out about it when Yelp contacted me about it. I am pretty hot and bothered by what happened and I will likely file a police report at some point. If the dentist didn't do it, then someone did.

Anyhow, there have been several stories written so far by various legal bloggers and there are a few more stories to come as the case unfolds.

The dentist is now getting all sorts of attention with all his bad consumer reviews by a ton of people. He appears desperate now because he is now offering free consultations. Could be because there are so many bad reviews who are scared away.


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