Mar 25

Personal Phone Support Call with Matthew Valor


Matthew Valor

Matthew Valor

Matthew provides personalized phone support for those facing wrongful:

  • Civil restraining orders
  • Civil harassment orders
  • Civil protective orders
  • Civil protection orders
  • Civil stalking protective orders

While I do provide general phone support, you must know that I am not a lawyer and I do not and cannot give you legal advice. What I do, however, is share my opinions, experiences, and research.

I do not provide phone support on any criminal-related matters. That is beyond the scope of my personal experience and education and criminal matters vastly differ from civil cases. That is something that you absolutely must find a criminal defense lawyer for. If you cannot afford a criminal defense lawyer, you will have to seek out a public defender.

Although I am not a lawyer and I do not provide legal advice, you will gain insights by own personal experiences, observations, and research from pre-hearing to the hearing to the aftermath and the appellate process.

This is some of what I will discuss and share with you in a Phone Support Call:

  • Explain generally what civil restraining, harassment, protective orders are & how they generally work
  • How civil restraining orders, harassment, protective orders can be used against you
  • What legal papers and legal cases I read and researched to prepare for my case
  • How to find, interview, and consult with lawyers
  • The information I gathered and the information I should have gathered but missed for my hearing
  • How my hearing transpired and the things I said to the judge
  • How I cross-examined my adversary and what I would do differently if I had to do it again
  • How I testified on my behalf, what I did right, and what I did wrong
  • The mistakes I made and the things I did correctly
  • How I prepared for my hearing and set the groundwork for success for a later appeal
  • How I learned to dissect and parse my state’s civil stalking statute
  • What exhibits I submitted to the court  and the exhibits that were used against me
  • Why my hearing was recorded by a court reporter and how I obtained an official court transcript
  • How I made my opening statement and what I did right
  • How I made my closing statement and the mistakes I made
  • How I asked for breaks and used breaks to my benefit
  • Why you must always ask for what you want



To sign up for the 45-minute Phone Support Call with Matthew Valor, follow these instructions.

1. Make a Paypal Payment of $39.50 (limited-time discount price) and you will be able to schedule a 45-minute Phone Support Call with Matthew Valor. (Please note: The charge will likely state “Paypal IntrepidNet” or “Paypal Intrepid MattChan” or “Paypal IntrepidFactor on your bank or credit card statement.)

2. Please scan in (preferably in PDF file format) your civil temporary restraining order, temporary protective order, temporary harassment order, court summons, a summary of your situation, and any other documents delivered to you and email them with your phone number to:  No scanned documents, no phone support call.  Matthew will review your documents and summary before calling you. (Disclaimer: Matthew is not a lawyer and cannot provide you legal advice. He will provide you an overview and analysis of your personal situation, outline & evaluate your options, and give suggested courses of action.) Due to the volume of help requests, any emails or telephone messages asking for “just a few minutes” or “quick help” will go unanswered.


Matthew Valor Comments about Scheduling of Phone Support Calls

Phone Support Calls are NOT my primary line of business. It is a side business project. As such, I fit Phone Support Calls into open slots during my workday. If I have an extraordinarily busy or exhausting day, I don’t do Phone Support Calls. If I am sick with a cold or flu, I won’t do Phone Support Calls. I don’t do Phone Support Calls on weekends and most U.S. holidays.  I do tend to make Phone Support Calls during weekday afternoons (1pm – 6pm EST) but that is NOT an absolute rule. I try to call people back as quickly as I can (within 1-3 business days on a first-pay, first-callback basis) but unexpected things do come up. If I cannot reach you, I will certainly leave you my number and have you call me at a time better suited for you.

Please don’t ask to set appointments, I cannot commit or promise specific times. However, I will make every attempt to call at a time-frame that is reasonably convenient for you.